Author Topic: Canary 5-6-2016  (Read 726 times)


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Canary 5-6-2016
« on: May 06, 2016, 06:46:56 PM »
For the record, as of the 5-6-2016, I have never received any:
  • National Security Letter, of any type, for any purpose,

  • Personal requests from any law enforcement agency worldwide or corporate entity for backdoors in any software and/or hardware projects to which I currently am an active contributor, nor am I aware of other contributors to these projects having received such a request,

  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court orders of any type,

  • Subpoenas and/or search warrants accompanied by a gag order pursuant to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act

  • Nor have I received, nor am I aware of, occurrences of any of the above, with respect to any and all machines I operate, maintain, and/or develop on or within any network.